The Pearson Family Farm barn quilt is ready for installation as soon as the paint is cured! (That’s the farmer’s job. We painted it.)

The Bright and Morning Star quilt block (formerly identified as the “Garden Star” block) was the most popular among our friends and family, approved by the farmer and painted in his favorite colors: John Deere Green, Ford Blue, International Harvester Red and John Deere Yellow. We used the heavy-duty oil-based enamel paint used for the tractors and other farm equipment, so it will bright and durable for years.

We spent four days creating the 8’X8′ quilt block, having a lot of fun and enjoying each others’ company. We took lots of pictures to chronicle the event; check them out on Instagram!  You don’t need an instagram to see the pictures. Start at the bottom, because the photos are posted with the most recent on top.


Installing the block is a BIG project, so we will be looking for some volunteers and making a party of it! Watch for updates!