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Pearson Family Farm

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We offer a top quality local farm product! Beautiful golden rye straw bales measuring roughly 36″ long, 18″ wide, 15″ tall.  averaging 40 lbs. Baled dry and early to avoid the accumulation of weed seeds within the bales. Each bale… Continue Reading…

At the FarmFamily Fun

Thank you for visiting us for our fall sales and family fun days. We hope you had as much fun as we did!  See you next year!  

At the FarmFamily FunGarden Art

Fall Festivities have begun at the Pearson Family Farm!           Be inspired in your autumn decorating by browsing through our barn. We have the best local selection of pumpkins, gourds, straw bales, broomstraw and cornstalk bundles… Continue Reading…

At the Farm

The Pearson Family Farm barn quilt is ready for installation as soon as the paint is cured! (That’s the farmer’s job. We painted it.) The Bright and Morning Star quilt block (formerly identified as the “Garden Star” block) was the… Continue Reading…

At the Farm

We have started the barn quilt project and are chronicling it on instagram. I will also post pictures here when I have time. We finished all the prep work, including priming the boards, yesterday and today we should be able… Continue Reading…

At the Farm

We’ve been waiting a long time for this! After years of talking and planning, the barn is finally getting its own quilt block. All of the women of the family are quilters, so we’re looking forward to this project. We’ve… Continue Reading…

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