Rye Straw Bales Available Now

We offer a top quality local farm product!
Beautiful golden rye straw bales measuring roughly 36″ long, 18″ wide, 15″ tall.  averaging 40 lbs.
Baled dry and early to avoid the accumulation of weed seeds within the bales.
Each bale is hand stacked from the baler to the wagon and the wagon to the shed to prevent damage or loosening the bales making them the perfect choice for your straw bale garden!
from the tractor
Free of nasty pesticides!
All of our bales are stored indoors.
Some are kept available for self-service on a wagon by the road.
Many uses for these great bales including the following;
  • Straw bale gardening
  • Weed control
  • Erosion control
  • Event seating
  • Ground cover
  • Seed cover
  • Insulation
  • Animal bedding
  • Décor
And so very much more!
Conveniently located between Elk River and Anoka on Highway 10 in Ramsey, MN
just east of the weigh station near the intersection of Bowers Drive and Highway 10 east.
Easy access and loading for cars, trucks and semi-trailers.

Amber Waves of Grain


It’s baling season!   We have found rye to be the best grain to raise for our straw. It makes beautiful clean bales that are suitable for almost any need.

Hot Wheels

Almost time for plowing and planting! Here’s what the real  farmer is doing:

al tractor

And here’s what the young guy is doing.  (Is he really waxing that??)

dan polishing tractor

We’re looking forward to a great season!

The Farmer is Outstanding in His Field

This picture of Joey taking soil samples makes me think of the old “outstanding in his field” pun. Soil testing is a crucial part of good farming. It measures the nutrients in our soil, nutrient-holding capacity, organic matter content, and soil alkalinity or acidity – important information for growing crops, vegetables and pasture for animals.  Testing soil can also measure how it holds or drains moisture. At Pearson Family Farm, we believe in long term, sustainable farm management!soil testing